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  1. That's what I'm getting at. I don't have a problem with CNC. Gibson uses CNC on their custom shop models as well. But the top carve is finished by hand.
  2. Looks like a traditional with a blank truss rod cover, zebra pickups, & plastic jackplate. Does it have the thick binding in the cutaway or can you see the maple/mahogany seam?
  3. Being that these models are specified by dealers, limited runs, & not offered to the public by Gibson, I wouldn't expect any information to be on Gibson's site. Of course the customer is always right & it shouldn't take a monumental effort to list all special runs... it may happen some time in the future. But as of now, the dealer's site will have the most information about them. Fender & PRS does the same. I would imagine all manufacturers do.
  4. I just saw the latest Custom Shop Eric Clapton Strat sells for $5,100. How can anyone justify spending $5,100 on a CNC'd flat top bolt on? Much less one with an analog booster circuit?
  5. But they stuck it in a $5600 guitar.
  6. I saw it mentioned somewhere that the SG is the highest selling Gibson model of all time... that can't be right can it?
  7. Les Pauls are "home" to me. I always wanted one, played Teles & stratlike guitars until I found a used Les Paul only slightly out of my price range... I managed to buy that guitar, then another, & another... & another. But I also like other guitars as well. For a while I played mostly Mockingbirds. I've got a '78 & '79 Deluxe. They're thin bodies like the SG, with great upper fret access. I also have a couple made recently with the Les Paul controls. I also have a cou0le of Teles, a couple of Strats, & I recently bought a couple of PRSi... used S2 Standard 24 & a Standard McCarty. But the Les Paul is still home.
  8. Nice looking guitar, how old is she?
  9. Very nice. I especially like the control layout... well better than the Classic Les Paul controls. More like an SG.
  10. Generally speaking I don't buy new. Generally speaking, I'll buy at least one Gibson Guitar in 2018. If I don't buy myself one for Christmas, I'll probably get a Phellum Blue Les Paul Custom Special (or Studio, whatever they're calling them). A five way switch could entice me to buy a new one.... could.
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