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  1. That's sweet. I can see going to a whole other country to get one of those.
  2. My two cents... a guy like Warren Haynes would consider a vintage '59 Standard to be the Holy Grail. Whatever Gibsons makes now closest to that woul be the cream of thge crop. IMO, that's the Collector's Choice which replicates a specific original vintage guitar, usually a '59. IMO, next is the Historics, which are built to the same specs as the Holy Grail guitars. On the other side of the spectrum, you have guys like Dj Ashba who doesn't care about vintage guitar specs & prefers more modern features. Or Zakk Wylde who values choice & customization more than vintage specs. To these guys, the HP made to order customs are probably at the top of their list. Next would be the production guitars & there are models that reflect the vintage specs & other models that are more modern. As far as quality goes, the Custom Shop offers one level, the regular production shop offers another. Meaning the least expensive model (Studio Faded) up to the flagship Standard are built to the same high quality standard. The cost difference is in appointments. The most expensive models include binding, pearloid inlays, one piece backs, one piece necks, higher grade tops... the less expensive guitars will be missing those appointments in varying degrees. But all Gibson guitars are high quality instruments... including your Nighthawks. I personally don't understand why that model didn't gain a lot of fans.
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