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  1. I'll load this new version when I upgrade to High Sierra OS X In the meantime... would be amazing to add: Ability to take channel off crossfader by selecting letter A or B to turn off Ability to add 3rd party plugs on channel 3 and 4 Assignable to MIDI tap button for bpm calculation Save instance of mixing set up with tracks, loop markers, tempos, etc.
  2. Its pointless because the same track will load fine the next time I open the program. Hence, the way I fix the problem to have it not crash on me during performance is to load a track in each channel until it crashes, which it usually does once per channel (meaning I must open the program a total of 5 times to get it to stabilize; 4 to crash, 5th times a charm). Notably this does not happen everytime, and with all this in mind it is most likely some error with the program reading the file tag (i.e. ID3, etc.) that it has to work through and store the solution in its cache (maybe?). While I have your attention, I would also like to suggest a few items to add for the next version, if possible. Ive used Deckadance since it came out and actually used to be a beta tester for it. Ive performed internationally for several years. ·Include the ability to take channel off crossfader by selecting letter A or B to turn off ·Have ability to add 3rd party plugs on channel 3 and 4 ·Assignable tap button for bpm calculation and of course reinclude ability to run MIDI files hahaha, but I realize this a problem in the past best solved by removing the feature, just had to ask ;b
  3. Here is another crash log from today: Deckadance Crash 2.rtf
  4. If I remember correctly there were previous versions of Deckadance that had this same problem. It happens with all sorts of file extensions. I see you have a new version coming out (2.73). Would be great if you implemented a fix! Thanks!!!
  5. 2.72 crashes when loading tracks. I run Mac OS X Sierra. For example, I will load a track in from either the internal browser or the Finder window and it will crash immediately. There is a way I made it stop crashing. Say I have four tracks open. I will load it into track one, then it will crash, then after reopening the program every time I will load into track one it wont crash. I will load it then into track two, then it will crash, then reopen and load into track three, crash, then load into track four, then crash. After this, no more crashes and it is somehow stabilized. I haven't seen any others post this problem in the forum, which is strange to me. I saved one of the crash logs; attached. ~Bodhi
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