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  1. Looking For Some Pricing Help On My Guitar I Got Some Help In The Vintage Section But Can Always Use More To Get A Solid Price... What I Have Is A Gibson E-150 1935 #132 All Original With Original Case ect ect ect Works 100% Been In Our Family From Day 1 Here Are Some Pics Any Help Will Be Great And I Appreciate Everyone's time Gonna Look To Sell It Sooner Sadly
  2. Thank You And I'll Check In there So You Did End Up Helping Me :-)
  3. ahh mine is a E-150 1935 #132 not a EH-150 which looks more of a wood color instead of the raw steel look mine has but good to know that one goes for that much
  4. dang getting some good info here glad i found this place so so far its 5k-9kish i guess from the AH being it seems that all we can go by atm? my # is 132
  5. Thank You! i've seen only a few on AH but never seen the "sold" and still price up this will help me narrow it down on price
  6. ahh yes thank you i have seen this site and i apparate you helping me i am still looking for a value on it
  7. trying to get some better info And Value on my guitar then i have gotten from the internet and dead end sites sadly i have wasted countless hours and never knew this site was around...Glad i found it and hope to get some help or some Info to point me in the correct place Thank You Day
  8. just wanted to say hi to everyone here and glad there is a site like this to help others out when they have questions about Gibson's and other things.......My name is Day and i'm here to find more info on my guitar which is a 1935 #132 Gibson E-150 Lap Steel guitar which is been in my family from day 1 when my grandfather was a younger man....I am familiar with the History on the guitar just not the value of it which looking around on the internet has led me to dead ends...soo any info would be great and Thank you for reading this blabbing by me its nice to meet you all Much Love Day Grove
  9. Looking for help to price my Gibson E-150 lapsteel guitar

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