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  1. I played a Taylor 414 for many years. After my daughter took an interest in playing, I gave it to her as a graduation present (she earned it). Anyway, I went without a decent acoustic for a few years until I picked up my DR500MCE three weeks ago. I've been extremely happy with this guitar but didn't realize how much until now. Yesterday my daughter came home and brought my old 414 and I had a chance to play both side by side. Well, I'm not going to sit here and say the Epi is a better guitar than the Taylor. But it's darn close. The Taylor may be a few hundred dollars better but it's not $1K better. In fact, I actually prefer the neck and sound of the Epi. It's not a better sound, but more suited to my taste and style. These Masterbilts are seriously nice guitars, I have no doubt that I'll own another one in the fairly near future, especially considering that my son is already claiming the Epi as his. Good thing my middle daughter is a lefty or I'd be out of guitars! Just thought I'd share my comparison with the Epi fans on here. Consider me a convert, at least on the acoustic side.
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