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  1. Holà, that's a hard work to adjust the guitar, it would have been easier to just sand the zero fret a little, but if there is not another guitar like this, it is a personnal adjustement, but believe me it is not so good because it removes the treble and chokes the strings, the wood now is very old and I think I have to put the zero fret to have a playable guitar. Thanks all to help me
  2. Hi, thanks to help me, but I'm not sure about your analyse, when you have the guitar in your hands it seems to be a original part of the guitar' I can't understand why to put a piece of wood instead a fret, If there was a problem it has to be more simple to change the fret ?? but anyway let's have a look on others pictures, what do you think ???
  3. Salut les Amis, My name is Phil from Nice / France. I just got a good deal I think by buying an old FT-145 epi for a few dollars.After a good cleaning, I looked here and there at the different versions of this model, but I did not find a guitar similar to mine, it has no zero fret and instead there is a wooden protuberance which is now worn, supposed to serve as zero freight. because it is too worn this relief stifles a little the strings of E and B and maybe it will be necessary to remove it and put in place a zero freight to restore shine on the bottom of the handle. I did compare with a few different guitar like norman, furch or old gakki/japan and this epi sound really good, nice bass... Anyone on this forum has information regarding this model? thank you very much phil
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