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  1. Hello forum, I would much appreciate if you could help me with a few answers regarding some of the current Gibsons equipped with P-90s. After some research I have narrowed down my options to these 3 guitars: Gibson SG Special: https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/USAFN1750/SG-Special#SKU-SGSP00VNCH1 Gibson SG Junior: https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/USAS4M296/SG-Junior Gibson Les Paul Tribute Double Cut: https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/USAHE5811/Les-Paul-Special-Tribute-DC#SKU-LPSDT00WCCH1 - is the Junior offering really a special sound and feel (having only one pickup) OR the Special (with 2 pickups) offers the same thing plus the neck pickup? I am very attracted by the Junior but for 100 euros extra, I can buy the Special with more tones available. How could I justify buying the Junior? :) - if I go for the Les Paul Double Cut, are the pickups and sounds going to be similar to the SG Special? This is indeed the cheaper option, but how much would I miss if I don't go for the more expensive SGs? Thank you.
  2. Guys, Thank you very much for the feedback. It means that there is hope. I am a big fan of The Who and I love their period when Pete Twonshend used the SG for those amazing concerts. Maybe one day I will get MY SG. Cheers!
  3. First I bought a Gibson SGJ - a cheaper SG but still made in USA. Serious intonation problems. Recently I bought a SG Standard P-90 2016 . It looked great but it couldn't stay in tune and the P-90s pickups were muddy and unfocused. Both of them have been sold meanwhile. I am wondering if they took the time to produce such nice looking guitars why didn't make them stay in tune as well? I understand this is a more general issue of Gibson guitars but it's ridiculous: my Fenders are solid with their tunings and they never bothered with this aspect. How are you approaching buying your Gibson SGs?
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