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  2. That came from Dan Erlewine's "How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great" book. On page 62 "... a nut made from self-lubricating material like Graph Tech.". That's why I mentioned it, but didn't realize that it wasn't a type of material. Sorry...
  3. Perhaps Graph Tech or Delrin? I would guess the nut has been changed as my '89 Sheraton's nut is white, and original.
  4. Mine has to be this one... Please Come Home For Christmas - Eagles
  5. Will be 74 next month, and just started playing? guitar in October. Carpal Tunnel surgery on my left hand 5 years ago is not helping with chord changes at all...
  6. Are the covers different on a 6 string compared to the Bass? Being new to all of this, I had no idea of the differences. Seemed that they were using 3 screws on the guitars I saw being manufactured when I toured the Memphis factory. Of course they don't make SG's there.
  7. Would an Epiphone SG truss rod cover like the one in the link fit? http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/132416335277 Here's another, but a bit pricey: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/162785708131
  8. Dan Erlewine explains how to do this in his book, "How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great - Second Edition". I just finished reading about doing that, and how to set it up. Hope this helps,
  9. Hello Everyone, Been lurking on the site since I finally stopped thinking about learning to play the guitar, and decided to take action. I've done some online lessons, taught myself a couple of chords, and am practicing daily. Took my first face to face lesson today. Got a long way to go, but am enjoying it a lot. My main interests are classic rock, blues and some country/western. Why did I wait so long... Anyway, I'm a retired computer guy living in a small Texas town near Dallas. We moved here 5 years ago from the Denver, Colorado area, to be closer to our son, his wife and our 9 year old twin grandkids. I'll be 74 in January, and we will celebrate our 50th anniversary next April.
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