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  1. I am most likely getting a new guitar this week. A Gibson Les Paul Junior (havent decided witch finish yet). But i want to ask people on the forum a few questions. What is the main diffrence in tone of a Studios Mic's and the P-90? What should i look out for? heard that there is intoniation problem at the Juniors. and how is the neck on a Junior compared to a Studio from '06? Thanky ou for any answear
  2. if you whant a great guitar, save your money and buy the "best" one at once.
  3. NO pickguards on= bursts or colour's where you see the wood. OK with pickguards = single coloured (like white and ebony) + personal taste = result.
  4. Foxboron


    we are now withnessing thruth..... Money is the root to all evil.
  5. Foxboron


    id crapped my pants, and died of an orgasm when i looked at the burst and the serial number. The End.
  6. both tone pots and trebel pot on 10. rythm usualy stays at 0.
  7. you are asking for an EPIPHONE. find on fault here: "Gibson Les Paul forum."
  8. you used 3 posts to explain something simple... /facepalm
  9. a guitarist is someone playing a guitar, and KNOW what they are doing.
  10. this tread makes me totaly whant to get a vibarm, to bad im not sure fi i at all need one.
  11. i often do a combo. but when i play barre chords on the E string i play the 3 noted, adn when i cahnge to a i play 2 becosue of the easy of just moving a finger XD.
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