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  1. And now Experience Hendrix has removed all mention of the guitar from their website: http://nevertoolateguitar.com/2009/10/02/experience-hendrix-abandons-gibson-guitar/
  2. This is pretty funny. Gibson also had a link to a Jimi Hendrix Piano today, but they took that link down too!!! Here are some other Gibson Jimi Hendrix Products soon to bet announced and then promptly removed from the website: http://nevertoolateguitar.com/2009/09/28/more-jimi-hendrix-products-by-gibson/
  3. All the links that were on the Gibson site are not there: Jimi Hendrix Links Gone
  4. Fender's Response, the Fender Les Paul: http://nevertoolateguitar.com/2009/09/23/fender-les-paul-model-revealed/
  5. I took it in to get it setup by a professional (SF Guitarworks). There was a little "buzz" for them to take care of as well. So, I won't have it back until next Wed. I'll post some more pics once I get it back. Believe me, it was hard to give it up for a whole week after only one day with it. Jeff
  6. I paid $2375 before tax for the ES-175SP above. Jeff
  7. Ok, I bought it. And, it is a 2008 ES-175SP... so the folks over at Gibson were wrong when they said it was only made in 2006. And, here it is:
  8. I called Gibson to get more info and this is what I was told: "There was a limited run of the ES-175 single P-90 pickup exclusively for an international distributor. There were two finishes available, antique natural and vintage sunburst." I'm just wondering how my local US dealer got it if it was for an international distributor. They got it direct for Gibson, so it's not like they purchased it from another dealer.
  9. And just as I get done posting that I can't find one on the net... here I found it. This is a 2006 Model, so I'm wondering if they made a 2008 model: http://www.archtop.com/ac_06ES_175SP.html
  10. Joseph: This is what the Herb Ellis that they have looks like: http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbase/pics/products/4/9/8/336498.jpg Here is a Herb Ellis that looks exactly like the ES-175 they have (and the one you're describing): http://www.vintage-guitars.se/1997_Gibson_ES-165_Herb_Ellis_93377428.jpg But, the HE model has gold tuners and the ES-175 has the "pearl" tuners like on the other ES-175's I'm finding on the net. Also, the head doesn't say "herb ellis" on it like all the other HE models I've seen. It sounds like you're suggesting I'm actually looking at two different versions of a Herb Ellis ES-165. The guys at the shop are pretty knowledgeable so I'm pretty sure if he says its a ES-175, its a ES-175 (he was getting down to the detail of how the original ES-175's pickups were wound, etc). I can obviously find out exactly what model it is when the shop opens back up on Tuesday, I'm just trying to figure out as much as I can before then so I go in knowing what I'm getting. Robin: I'm trying to figure out exactly what I'm looking at so I can determine if the price is right. I'm surprised I can't find this guitar on the net somewhere... regardless of whether its a 165 or 175. Thanks!
  11. It's not the Herb Ellis ES-165. They had one of those there too. The Ellis has one single coil floating pickup and only a volume knob that is mounted on the pickguard. The model I'm looking at (which the shop guy said was a ES-175) had a dual humbucker and a volume and tone knob all which were mounted in the body. He said that this model was meant to replicate the original model from the 50's, which apparently had a single dual humbucker pickup. Again, the tag said June of 2008, which I think is their indicator of when they got it in stock and not necessarily the production date. The store is closed until Tuesday so I can't get more info and I really want to get it so I'm trying to do as much research on it as possible. They're having a "going out of business" sale and offering everything at cost and I already missed a great deal on a new Fender amp and I don't want to miss this one. Jeff
  12. I'm thinking about getting a Gibson ES-175. I've been searching around the net and all the models I'm finding have two pickups. The model I'm looking at at my local dealer only has one pickup. The dealer also said it has a "special one-off finish." The tag on the guitar indicated it was a 2008 model. I found a post by someone else here about an ES-175 their grandfather gave them. The picture looks exactly like the ES-175 I'm thinking of getting with a single pickup and the "fancy" tailpiece. Here is a link to that thread and image: http://forums.gibson.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=15184 http://s598.photobucket.com/albums/tt63/iiizman/?action=view&current=P3040203.jpg Thanks for any help.
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