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  1. Lmao idk about better just different. But like I’m curious as to why their flame tops aren’t as high quality? Like is it an old school kinda thing or do they just not have access to those kinds of tops? Ik Kiesel a lot of the time gets first pick and the nice woods that come in but I was just curious as to if there’s a reason their flame isn’t as high quality.
  2. I wasn’t trolling I’m just curious because on a gibson les Paul their standard flame tops are tbh rlly bad. You pay an extra couple hundred or maybe even a thousand dollars to get a decent flame. On Prs and Kiesel their base models already have a flame that you’d pay a **** ton of money for on a gibson.
  3. Just curious, Gibson has always had plain tops and I know some people just prefer plain tops on les pauls. However, when they say a les paul has a flame top, its just a really crap flame, and you pay butloads of money for a crap flame. Now I have seen a FEW with decent flame tops, but those are all on crazy expensive custom shop and expensive high end USA limited models. Im just curious if theres a reason Gibson doesn't use the quality flame that other companies like PRS and Kiesel have (and those companies have crazy nice flame tops as standard, where gibson costs an extra like $100000 to have an alright flame)
  4. Thanks! Do you know how much something like this would cost? I know gibson likes to ask for as much money as possible which is often times too much money for what ya get..
  5. So, I'm just curious, is it possible to order a custom shop les paul afd like they did in 2010?
  6. What should I do wth the so I I 2 pro humbuckers then😂I’m not putting them in my Ibanez Jem that’s for sure
  7. I have been saving up a bit of money, by not enough for a used Gibson Les Paul standard. I found a used Gibson led paul studio in alpine white that I have been considering buying, but then I came across the epi Les Paul custom pro. My question is which guitar do you guys think is best to get? Their both about the same price. Also I have SD alnico 2 pro humbuckers that I would be putting in whichever guitar I get as well as upgrading the tuners. So besides the tuners and pickups, which should I get?
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