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  1. I'm the new owner of a Kramer Striker 300 ST. I have done a lot of research on the net and I can't find any reference to the serial number on it. It was made in Korea. The fellow I got it from says he thinks it was a later 1980's model. The chrome neck plate says Kramer Neptune NJ and in the middle the serial number is SA 1213 Any help would be appreciated....Thank you Tain'd Angel....
  2. I have a Kramer Striker 300 ST. It has two lever type switches on it along with the volume and two tone controls. One of the levers has 5 positions, it is located toward the bottom of the body. What is used for? The second switch is above the first switch, it has three positions, what is it used for. I know, new kid questions...but I'm a new owner of a of a 1986/7 Kramer in beautiful condition. I want to know all about it... Thanks, Tain'd Angel
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