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  1. I purchased a 2017 es 335 earlier this year. Took it home and it was completely untunable. Took it back the next day to the big box store. The very knowledgeable guitar tech looked at it and then showed me what was wrong. The neck was twisted severely. He didn’t even attempt to try to fix it. They replaced it with another one from the same store. The tech said the quality control out of Memphis has really declined. The guitar never should have made it out of inspection, he said.
  2. I recently installed locking tuners on my telecaster. I’m sold on the technology. Anybody have any experience installing them on the 335? If so, what do you recommend? I want ones that are complete drop in. No drilling, adapter plates, or other headstock modifications. Also at least 18:1 tuning ratio.
  3. Yes. If you have been following any of the media stories, they have large amount of debt coming due this year. This is way for them to raise cash to meet their maturing debt obligations. The building was way too big for them. It even contained a performance venue that they never used.
  4. I just called the Memphis factory. They have sold the building and are leasing it back. They are still in full operation and are still giving tours.
  5. It looks like the new pup specs for 2018 335s is the MHS with orange drop capacitors. Has anybody done an A/B comparison with this new spec versus prior Burstbuckers in a 335?
  6. Newbie here. Just picked up my 2017 es 335 in light burst yesterday. Brought it home to check the action after an initial neck adjustment. Taking it back today for final set up. While shopping, I was curious about what the difference is between the dot and the traditional other than the fretboard. There is a noticeable price difference. Mine is traditional.
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