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  1. Folks I have a 1936 l00. I also have a couple of 12 fret 00 martins. But I don’t have a 12 fret Gibson. Is it a gap I should fill? I’m on the prowl and am down to either a 12 fret OR an all hog Gibson. That means a 12 fret l0 or l1 (I think those are the models) or a nick Lucas. Or for grins doing an all hog instead if you think that’s better. Like a 12 fret L0 or lg2 hog. Any help is appreciated on what would best fill the gap of having a 12 fret Gibson or hog or if it makes a difference enough to be worth it. Maybe I’m just GASsing!
  2. Thanks guys. Very helpful. The seller is a collector who also,sold me a 000-28 from 1946 on reverb. He is downsizing and really wasn’t planning on selling this until I talked to him. I do not se it on the registry. It’s a 1945 and one piece hog back. Almost sure top is Adi. It plays real loud without crapping out. Incredible dynamics. Bridge had some finish cracking right around it so thought maybe replaced but hard to tell. If they did it was a damn good job. Didn’t expect cleats but several luthiers have told me cleats aren’t bad at all and don’t effect sound. Very common on center seams on these old light braced guitars. Or so I am told They point out prewar martins had cleats and braces etc also,touch top like a cleat. As far as finish it appears original. I did a green light test and the scratches are not glossed over with overspray or whatever. Checking is consistent with none in binding. 7750 is the best he will do with original case. Certainly a good price compared to what is on reverb or gbase or enemy for banners in this shape. But I am not a collector like you guys and perhaps,people sell here for less. Don’t know about that.
  3. Thanks so much. No serial number on block. Glue looks old and inside looks pretty darn spotless...why keep it? Because it sounds like a cannon and is amazing but also wanna know exactly what I am getting for the $$$...pleas let me know thoughts, friends!
  4. I have a 24 hour inspection on a j45. This is a banner year. Looks like all original except perhaps bridge and of course a couple of cleats on center seam coming up. Asking price is 7500. It’s a 1945 with addy top and hog. Thoughts on fairness of lrice. How cleats affect sound if at all (they seem large (about an inch square and are two separated by bracing). Please advise. Thanks !!!
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