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  1. Hi Johnny, Thanks for the info. Both the Invader and Artist look similar, but if the serial numbers are correct, my guitar was made in 1980, so pre-dates these two models. I've uploaded some photos via Postimage so hopefully these will help. Someone thought it was some type of Sonex, and said there were 4 models. Pretty sure it's not a 180 Deluxe and the Artist wasn't introduced till 1981 (according to Wikipedia), so that narrows it down to a Standard or a Custom - both of which had Dirty Fingers pickups with a coil tap switch (possibly the black 2-way toggle). Cheers
  2. Hey guys. Thanks for looking at my post. After struggling to load photos, Pip helped with some great instructions in his reply. Link to photos on Postimage is https://postimg.org/gallery/2i53fg86o/ Photos show front, rear, close up front headstock and close up rear headstock of the serial numbers (one is superimposed over the other). Hope these pics help. Cheers
  3. Thanks Pip, I'm new to the forum so this info a great help. Will hopefully get pics up soon.
  4. Hey friends, Can anyone help ID my guitar? I've asked the Service guys at Gibson, but they couldn't ID the model. I bought it second-hand in 1983 in the UK when I was 16. It is a Les Paul single cut shape, mahogany body & neck, sprayed black, but no maple cap, no binding, no scratchplate. 2 covered humbuckers with black plastic surrounds, 4 'speed' knobs (2 vol/2 tone), white capped 3-way toggle for pick-up selection located behind bridge and a black capped 2-way toggle for active circuit towards rear near strap button. Jack input on face of body near volume knob. Rosewood fretboard has pearl dot inlays. Bevelled black on white truss rod cover is blank. Gold Gibson logo, but no model name on headstock. Rear of headstock in centre is stamped Made in USA. There are 2 serial numbers. The 1st 80280248 has a 2nd superimposed over it 80980088, so I deduce it was made in 1980 at the Kalamazoo factory. Tuners have Gibson logo on backs. Bolt-on neck has metal neckplate. 2 covers on rear of body, smaller one is to access 9v battery to power active circuit. Guitar came in a rectangle dark brown 'leather' covered hard case, lined with red fluffy material, with Gibson USA in gold lettering on front. Years ago some guitar shop employee said he thought it could be a Sonex, someone else said The Paul. I tried adding photo but file size too big - sorry. Be glad if someone can positively ID the model.
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