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  1. Thank you all for the info, I see there is no consensus. What I have is a new custom built guitar based on a 1028 Lucas It is not a vintage or collectable guitar so I dont think the treble button would be an issue. I have played a Gibson with the button straight in and standing it caused the guitar to roll forward, not to my liking but sitting it is not a problem. I am concerned with the thought that the guitars weight will be on the button there when cased. I had a Martin for quited awhile that I did the headstock thing and it got in the way so I am undecided at this point. My main concern is
  2. I have a new guitar that I want to put a strap button on. It has a rather flat heel rather than the pointy style older Gibsons and Martins have. I looked on the Elderly site and most were on the treble side, pretty far up toward the fingerboard. Where do you suggest?
  3. Robert Johnson and older L-1 and L-0 are 13 3/4
  4. hemet

    Neck joints

    Bolt ons are heavier, I can feel the difference.
  5. They are good for blues and strumming. Gibs are famous for loose braces so ask about that. The size is nice.
  6. Thank you all. I understand it a lot better now.
  7. Gibson has a characteristic sound as do other brands. So what makes for that sound? Is it the thinness of the top or braces or shape. Well now that I have said that it cant be the shape cause they have several. Does anyone here know?
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