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  1. Hell yeah, Tomorrow the bird gets a setup and new strings. After that, 5 hours playtime 😉
  2. Thx very much Winger! Really nice to read that :)
  3. https://imgur.com/a/SyqkTC6 Hope it works :)
  4. Hey friends, the Bird has finally landed after delivery Problems, puh. But worth the wait! Today i give him another testdrive. So far i am in love with the guitar. Killer Setup, really Low, like that. Absolute open sounding, no "socks in the soundhole" like the standard ones i played. Sound like my Authentic 41,.....a bit in terms of Airy/openess. Big Fan of that! There is a bit of glue here and there near the soundhole, but if you ignore that, it is an absolute Killer Deal for 2017 Vintage Bird(2600 Euro finally) Cant share pics here :-( but i BIG thx to everyone who encouraged me to buy that lovely guitar :-) !!!
  5. Wow! Hope it don’t sound better than my D28 Authentic;) Thx!!!
  6. By the way, Gibson wrote me that the 2016/18 are exactly the same guitars. Only the color changed. That’s it.....
  7. Thx for that Friends, i thought a second about grabbing my 2016 when i got it, drive to the shop with the 2018, and compare them. Worst thing would be, i like the 2018 more than my 2016. But i dont wanna send the 16 back and pay 1800 on top for the 18. Think this is going to far :-) Laugh.............................
  8. Thx folks for all the nice answers, just ordered the 2016 Modell NEW for 3400 Dollar instead the 2018 Modell for 5300 dollar. It will arrive on Saturday. Will inform you all :-) Thanks!!
  9. Played the 18 on Saturday. Blew me away. 4500 Euro Like to order the 16 unseen for 2800. hanging in a humidified, respected store since may 2017
  10. Glad to hear that Nick. Thx So we go back to the original question. Anyone if there are differences between the models or will they sound „more or less“ the same?
  11. Good question, Next one is, on serious dealer websites I saw that the 18 model has the custom shop logo on the headstock. The 16 not. Why that?
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