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  1. Has anyone purchased anything from " music shop everything for the musician" aka rmfkm.com . They have some unbelievable deals. I get there emails all the time.
  2. Thanks for the replies and info. I'm in Millbury, just south of Worcester. When I mentioned I'm getting back to it, it feels like I really never started. Just sounds like a whole lot of noise all over again. I need to do some more homework on the LP's. Kidblast, are you the guy who has a bunch of stuff on craigslist? Thanks again for the info.
  3. Hello, been a big fan off Gibson's for as long as I can remember.I am picking up guitar again after a 45 year hiatus and am working thru it all over again. I have recently bought myself a new Gretsch 5420T orange stain with a bigsby and a new Fender American Pro strat with an all rose wood neck. Plus a Fender Blues Junior amp and a Vyper 30 as well. I am looking to by a Gibson Les Paul and have a few questions concerning the differences between the models,such as classic, custom, traditional and HD versions. Also, the differences in price and how that affects each model or version. Hope I'm not asking to much on my first post? Thanks
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