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  1. Thx I grabbed Protools, looks like this should work for me
  2. do you have any suggestions for 3rd party software i might use??? i'm very new to all this and appreciate your assistance
  3. Is there any resolution for the Deckadance 2 le version that doesn't allow you to record?? Now I will have to spend money on other software package
  4. after almost getting everything to work, i found out this version doesn't even allow you to record, which makes it worthless other than having software to practice on :( dissappointing
  5. ran cmd channel changer and i have sound and lights on controller, just no sound in one of the head phones so i'm making headway
  6. installed cmd studio driver from site and tried those settings provide no difference, no sound through head phones and only through left monitor
  7. When i use the ASIO option there is no option to select studio 2a only when i choose Windows option do i get to choose device, but my midi options and audio option are setup up as in the diagram and it was working, just the lights on controller weren't. maybe i need to install the driver that came with software because Win10 did its own setup
  8. This didn't work, actually had to reinstall program from scratch after trying all channels. now can't get sound through headphones. this program is so troublesome. Opened up other software and all function automatically detect and work, sound and functions no issues. I will continue to play around with this
  9. I found the cmdchchanger file at this site https://www.musictri.be/Categories/Behringer/Computer-Audio/DJ-Controllers/CMD-STUDIO-2A/p/P0AVW/downloads, it appears you download and then run and it allows you to change controller port, which i think default is one which is the issue, not sure but will try once home
  10. I recently installed the script to get my cmd studio 2a controller to work with Deckadance 2 LE, however the lights don't work. I tried to use a fix that was posted in the forum, however the links posted don't work (see below). If there are new links i could use please share thanks Hi Martin, We have noticed that some CMD 2A controllers have a firmware problem and they don't receive MIDI messages by channel 1 (...this is usually the cause of LEDs not working because DD sent MIDI output messages via channel 1). The fix is relatively easy: 1. Download the utility program CMD CHANNEL CHANGER: for MAC. for WINDOWS. 2. Follow the instructions of this web page: https://musicgroup-p...D_Controller%3F
  11. Morning. I bought a cmd studio 2a mixer which came with a copy of DeckaDance2 software. Upon following instructions to register software discovered that cakewalk account creation is disable and I can get a code to activate software to a full version. I created an account on bandlab, but this didn't help me. So I'm stuck for now, any help is appreciated
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