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  1. Hello I have Gibson SG Deluxe which is manufactured -70 or -72. Serial number is 622108. Gibson Europe could not help me with model / part identification so I try from here. See question / issues below, - Is there any way to get info in which year this guitar has been manufactured? - Does anyone have information from where to buy machine head 'cap' which are missing (see the picture)? - It seems to have T-Top pickups with black patent no 2.737.842 label. Pickups are equipped with gray plastic wire instead of metal covered wire. I have never seen T-Top's like that. See the picture. Does anyone knows when they have used wire like that? Pickups sounds amazing good, so I'm just curious about the wire :) - About the bridge, which are equipped with pat no 2.740.313. Is that original part? Now bridge setup is so low as it go and strings are still high. Neck is straight so i have the feeling that the bridge is a little bit too high? See the picture. - Also I have concern about wiring harness (see the picture), some of these components looks original, however capasitors I think has been changed afterwards, please give your opinion? Did Gibson use orange drops in that time? Thanks in advance and sorry about my poor English. Link to pictures: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgLCpT9bBa3VgpcFTy23WlPJFqe6xA Happy Easter :) WBR Jarmo from Finland
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