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  1. Hi, my name is Eric I'm 12 yrs old from Canada. I've been playing guitar for 4 years now and have always wanted a LSP so I saved my money for 2 yrs and for Christmas my parents chipped in the rest to make may dream of owning a LSP come true! I ordering a Les Paul Standard HP November, 2017 and waited 4 months before my guitar was delivered, I was so extremely excited I could barely contain myself. Well the excitement didn't last as what I was sent was a Les Paul Standard HP2, what is a HP2, well what ever it is I didn't order it? My Mom contacted the store that we ordered it from and they were just as confused as we were, after they were able to contact Gibson (and if anyone has tried to get a hold of Gibson....GOOD LUCK) was told they had discontinued the guitar I ordered and replace it with the HP2. Okay so Gibson didn't feel the need to contact the customer or the store to state they were not making this guitar anymore these are the reasons why but they are making a new model, "were you still interested or not" Nope they felt they would just send it out and expect the customer to suck it up. We final were able to speak to customer service at Gibson and they didn't apologies, offer a discount, offer a solution they did nothing! So the guitar has been return. This is now Eric's Mom and Gibson needs to know that they have broken a 12 yrs old heart and dreams, he worked darn hard for 2 yrs for a Gibson guitar. GIBSON you should be ashamed of what you have done and step up and make this wrong a right for this kid......
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