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  1. I just bought an older epiphone les Paul descriped as an 90s made in Japan. It has an Sticker ‚made in japan‘ but i‘m Not Sure if it’s Legit. Electonic is korean. The craftmanship is flawless an the top looks solid onepice. Some years avi there was a thread here discussing a simular guitar but the pictures arent online anymore. Maybe you could help me if i was tricked... I bought it from a Professional Seller via reverb and Shipping and tax was a big chunc so Return or refund is tricky... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jv6ktqguf2vu3ru/AAB2HiBLFnMVpvxS83NaqB3Ka?dl=0
  2. Lutz. I‘m German and just reanimated my Love for guitar(playing). I like older guitars i would have bought in my youth but couldn‘t afford... I‘m still not wealthy, so i prefer made in japan stuff of the 80s. Quite collectable but also affordable... Just bought a epiphone les Paul and search for Info if it‘s legit japan...
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