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  1. Does the stuff go away with time? Thus making it look newer with age??
  2. Lets say hypothetically one were for some odd reason to have glossed up their historic. Would they somehow be able to re apply a similar treatment? (No I haven't done it, don't own an historic YET (2 weeks left) )
  3. That might be the most beautiful LP I've ever seen
  4. Hey you should make it ready to play, soak the headstock in whatever likes to burn (alcohol etc) Set the headstock on fire and rock away
  5. That is fugly... It would be cooler than the original if you wouldn't have frakked up the pickguard and left it white instead
  6. I just got back from trying two R8's (tried an R9 briefly as well)... I tried one in Washed Cherry and Ice tea. In the end I decided the cherry one was better. It had more bite and more of a direct tone, better neck (slighter smaller). The Ice Tea (preferred color), had a bigger neck, sounded less direct, more "loose and mellow", weighed slightly more and didn't feel as good. Both great guitars though... Loved the R8, great guitar. Looking forward to buying one
  7. Looks sweet man. Traditionals are great guitars. Enjoy
  8. Very beautiful. I think I'm starting to prefer iced tea over washed cherry. I'm the type of guy who can stand 5+ minutes just to decide which kind of ice cream I want. Selecting guitar color is not easy for me
  9. I've been searching around a bit for some quality pics of a recent R8 Iced Tea Burst. I have not got much. I would appriciate if someone could post up some good quality pictures of a recent R8 Iced Tea
  10. Ok so here is a quote of advice I recieved "If you want a LP with the sound then you need to go with a Historic."... Is the tonal difference really that drastic between the R8 and Traditional?
  11. I found musikborsen and possibly "malmo musikaffär" that carries them. I think they were around 35-36k, though I can probably get one around half price (LONG story don't ask)
  12. Someone does... Cheerios /Sam
  13. Does anyone have an accurate picture of a LP traditional light burst? The official ones seem to be slightly off... Cheers /Sam
  14. The outer layer of color on the cognac burst seems ever so slightly darker than that of the light Burgandy burst. The burnt orange burst seems to be slightly more red and cover while the outer on the atlanta seems more red/brown-ish and slightly more transparent. Easy for me to look closely here on pics but if I saw them in RL quick or on stage I could not have seen the difference
  15. Update: Looks like I will be getting a chance to try out an R8. I found a store in a town 60 minutes away by car that carries them... I'll see if I can find a day where I can go there on a weekday so I can spend some serious time with that, and I'm also going to be looking at some Marshall heads...
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