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  1. Hi, long time member first time reader. I just bought an Epiphone Casino Coup. A new one that was made in Korea, if you can find a Korean made vs China you are ahead of the game. My first mod was to put a bone nut on it and toss the plastic in the trash bin. I put locking tuners on it for one reason, just easy to change strings. That is the only reason I have them, nothing to do with tuning. A guitar that goes out of tune 99% of the time the nut is the reason. I use number 8 strings on all of my guitars. They are all working guitars and when I play three hours straight my hands get very tired. I heard a quote from BB King, " why work so hard!" He told that to Billy Gibons of ZZ Top and old Billy went on and now put his own brand of 7s on all his guitars. I normally replace pots and wiring but it to tuff on this guitar. I did it on my 335 and I will never do that again. This little Epiphone does the Beatles great.
  2. Can I get an ebony neck for my les paul

  3. Can I get an ebony neck for my les paul

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