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  1. Hi, long time member first time reader. I just bought an Epiphone Casino Coup. A new one that was made in Korea, if you can find a Korean made vs China you are ahead of the game. My first mod was to put a bone nut on it and toss the plastic in the trash bin. I put locking tuners on it for one reason, just easy to change strings. That is the only reason I have them, nothing to do with tuning. A guitar that goes out of tune 99% of the time the nut is the reason. I use number 8 strings on all of my guitars. They are all working guitars and when I play three hours straight my hands get very tired
  2. Can I get an ebony neck for my les paul

  3. Can I get an ebony neck for my les paul

  4. Curt Mangan strings. I will get them. I thank you very much, Martin strings are junk all around. Flat, dead and can't hold a tone. My wife picked a few set up because they were on sale. When my dead beat friends want me to tune up their guitars I stick a set of them on. I get rid of them that way. The people who want all for free, but when you need them they forgot you.
  5. I have been playing the mandolin most of my life. I have an old Gibson in new condition, I love it. The price realy went up from 1933 when my dad got it, now I would be in the $ 500.00 price range. Many people make nice mandolins for that price range. M. Kelly is one of the better ones. I like the F style vs the A style because it looks better. The higher tones are not as clear on the A.
  6. I have a 1933 Gibson F5 Mandolin my dad bought new. I have been the care taker from 1969. I play it about 15 hours a week. It is like new, perfect. I am not sure what strings would be the best for it?
  7. The 335 is the best guitar in the world. I have had mine for 23 years. Others have come and gone, but the 335 is my main rider.
  8. George Harrison black guitar with the F holes got me hooked. I have two of them. I play second guitar in our band. The fullness of a hollow body holds it together. Kevinpaul
  9. I had the same deal with my Les Paul. A new amp fixed most of its problems. But it was still a cheap guitar by Gibson standards. I sold it and all my problems went away.
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