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  1. Ige

    Tone control

    Hei, again. I cannot find a schematic of the preamp, Only a drawing of the connecting lugs. Since the limit to attach files here is 20kB (and the file is 72kB) it is impossible to send it. But as I can see , the bass pot can be connected directly to the print board. I tried that and got a bass boost when turning the pot. I have seen pics of the volume/tone Controls where on one it looked as a common tone Control With a capacitor. On another there was two leads (from each pot) going back to the preamp. Maybe mine is that "type" … I try carry on researching. Thanks for Your support so far. Regards Bjorn
  2. Ige

    Tone control

    Thanks for quick reply. This is the preamp I have :https://reverb.com/item/26760556-gibson-chet-atkins-ce-circuitboard-preamp If you look at the Down/right of it, there is 4 pins. When I soldered a pot to the 2 to the right, I got boost/maybe some change i tone. Is it right to use this? I have tried several capacitors - soldered i the common way between vol- and tone pot. Very little responce. Strange. Do you have a solution? Regards Bjorn
  3. Ige

    Tone control

    Hi. I'm doing a restoration on a Gibson Chet Atkins CEC # D058: New Shadow transducer and new preamp. But I cannot get the tone control working properly. I have tried several capacitors, but very little effect. Can somebody tell me what's wrong ... Regards Bjorn Igeland, Norway
  4. Hello, Retrorod. Is this Picture more visible ?
  5. Hello, guitar friends. I live in Norway and make guitars and mandolins.

  6. I have got an old Chet Atkins CE (D 058 + unreadable serialnr). The preamp was gone, only the transducer was in Place. The transducer has foil lead. I have now got hold of New preamp (1789 Exp 1213 Rev 10). My problem is how to solder the foil lead to the preamp - which one is the common / ground lead. If somebody can help me I will be very Grateful - to get this superb guitar play again. I attach a photo of it. If it is impossible ot get it working, where can I get a New transducer - I have seen some With standard leads instead of the foil lead. Regard Bjorn Igeland, Norway
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