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  1. Fret Doctor, which I have been using for a year on all my Gibsons, will only darken the wood temporarily. I have an LP standard with a board that is a little too light. I would consider using an ebony stain like a Minwax product or a leather dye to darken the board. Maybe a visit to the Steward Macdonald web site is in order???? Yep - here we go: http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Finishing_supplies/Colors,_tints,_and_stains/Black_Fingerboard_Stain.html The question is - how would it look on rosewood vs ebony?
  2. The two screws toward the center seem to do nothing as far as height adjustment on mine.
  3. The guys are right. Take it all apart BUT remember how to put it back the same way;-) I just bought a 1980 strat and took it to pieces - all the screws, etc. Sounds and feels even better now that it's been cleaned, polished, oiled, etc....
  4. That's an interesting question. I have an ES-339 and a collection of LPs. I have been gassing for a 335 or your mentioned 175. What's interesting about my LPs is that they are all a bit different from one another - tone and feel. The 339 doesn't have the same build quality as the LPs BUT it definitely delivers a different, more sparkly tone than any of the LPs do. Depending on the amp and ampp settings I think you can easily extract a very rock n roll tone from the 339. I would suggest you play a 339 vs an LP Standard and see which one wins you over...... I think it will be obvious.
  5. If possible play a Star by Mark Sampson. I've just bought one and have never hear anything better.
  6. The fretboard binding on my 339 has the file marks too. It IS a nice guitar, but I feel it does not equal the quality level of my Custom Shop Lps.
  7. Hi chengin: Mine is a keeper too. I just wish I had waited and picked up a new one on eBay for closer to $5k. I will not pay a premium for another signature celebrity guitar again. Oh, but I just bought a Gretsch Billy-Bo - outstanding guitar for the price - $2400. Very unique and the easiest playing guitar I own. Yes, it's a celebrity signature guitar and damn well worth it. The next two I'm gassing for are the Taylor T3 and PRS McCarty II. p.s. - I love Ireland - spent 10 days there working on a film - wonderful people and countryside.
  8. A mysterious Gibson marketing scheme - just show the back. Get people talking. It worked. I bought the last Page signature - the Black Beauty. It is a very nice guitar, but in my opinion, after playing it for a year, no way is it worth $6,000 plus applicable tax. No way. I hate to say this but I let my love of Jimmy's playing and persona add almost $3000 to the value - basically I think it's a really good RI but that's it. Oh yeah, that selector switch is not that good. But I guess if you've got the money and it makes you happy - why not? I expect this version will carry a heavy price tag as well. Thanks for the post Joe.
  9. My old Fender Princeton from 1972, a new Fender Super Champ XD with Celestion, a Mesa Boogie 5/50 Express, A Budda Super Lead 18w. One Pedal - A Mesa Boogie V-Twin. I want: A Star (Mark Sampson) Nova A Matchless Little Monster A Carr Mercury An old Supro I told my wife the amp/guitar ratio should be even - just to keep the world in balance. I have 8 guitars, so I NEED 8 amps. She asked me why I NEED so many - I asked her why she needs so many pairs of shoes. Smiled - end of discussion...
  10. Archer993


    I was really impressed with the Egnater - both from numerous reviews and an in store demo. It's very cool....
  11. No matter how many times I see your avatar - I LOVE the "...more cow bell... reference ;-0
  12. You are right. Everyone knows it's all fake. Embarrassing! How about putting a hair ball in the case? Or spilling a beer into it. Maybe sneeze on the guitar. The Fender marketing people must be laughing their asses off (I'm a marketing guy). If someone gave me one I'd sell it. What's next - beat up amps? Ripping the tolex. Blowing the cones? Selling an amp with a broken handle?
  13. I have the 5:50 combo which has different power tubes than the 5:25. It is a great amp. it is WAY too much power on the 50 watt setting for me so it stays at 5 most of the time - a waste of power I know. I bought it a year ago. The 1st one I bought went up in smoke 2 days after taking it home from GC. The second one, that I have now, had a plate resistor failure and needed repair. I like the amp a lot - the channel switching is great and the controls, although confusing at time, give you lots of flexibility. Alternates? I think you should look at The Carr Mercury. That is an awesome amp and on my list. It will give you a lot of flexibility and it loves a LP. Expensive, but a used one can be had for around $1400.
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