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  2. Question: is there a way to map the 8 hot cue points for each deck? I'm using DD2.42, which is the most compatible update with my current gear. I want to map them to either a mpk25 pad, or to the pads of the m-audio trigger finger, but I see no command in the editor that will allow me to do so. My goal is to trigger cue points in real time. Thanks, Paul
  3. Good Morning! I have DD version 2.25 and a Mac OS 10.13.3. I also have a Hercules DJ console RMX. The newer versions of DD will not recognize my controller and the version I have will not save. I upgraded from a 2007 MacBook Pro and everything was working fine. Upon exiting the settings usually save automatically which include the presets or any of the settings/preferences. Now that isn't the case, so when I quit every thing gets reset- the panels, as well as any changes that I've made to the GUI. I have 2 questions: 1. is there compatibility with my controller and the latest version (because it does save settings but doesn't recognize the RMX)? 2. or is there a script that will allow me to save with the current version? I'd prefer #1 but any solution would be helpful. Thanks for your assistance, ~Paul D.
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