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  1. Hi, I have a eds-1275 which I believe is from 1974. The problem is, somewhere I read that Gibson indicated that they only shipped 1 in 1974. I have seen a number of people who think they have authenticated to 1974 which means the Gibson info floating around on the internet may be erroneous. My double neck has a serial number of 480229 impressed into the 6 string headstock and an impressed oval around it. There is no "made in the usa" on the headstock. Some of the Gibson age dating websites indicate that this would be from 1974. Others indicate that it could be from 74 or 75. (no mention of the oval anywhere) I finally found another double neck with the same serial number configuration and oval that was sold on the guitarpoint.de website yesterday. It's serial was 471913. I can see part of the number on one of my POTS and it reads 137743 which also indicates 1974. Three questions 1) Has anyone else seen these serial numbers impressed inside of an impressed oval? 2) Does it seem like these were made in 74 and not shipped till 75 if Gibson thinks they only shipped 1 in 74? 3) Any suggestions on how I should proceed. Thanks
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