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  1. I recently purchased a Zephyr Regent reissue made at the Peerless factory in 2003. I've had it set up and it plays well. However, I've noticed that the tone pot has some crackles when turned and thought it might be feasible instead of replacing the one pot to replace the wiring harness, both pots, and perhaps the pickup as well. I called Gibson and was told the tone pot is audio and the volume pot is linear. My questions: Has anyone replaced the linear volume pot with and audio one?How would one connect the ground to the tailpiece. Would there be much difference in tonal quality replacing the pickup with a Gibson 57 classic. The stock pickup is marked (57CH(G) Dot Neck, Bridge LP Neck with an F imprinted on base plate)and I am not sure of the voltage output or magnet. Would Gibson 57 classic specs be close to those the stock pickup?
  2. I recently purchased an epi zephyr regent made at the peerless factory in 2003. I would like to change out the volume and tone pots with better balanced metric audio taper pots (with course splines). Does anyone have any recommendations, re bourne, cts, alpha, emerson or other, and know the dimensions of the stock pots (size, short or long shaft, etc) as I have not removed the stock pots yet. Also where does the ground wire to the tailpiece connect. It is not long enough to remove all electronics through the the pickup hole, so I might have to remove it and replace it with another ground wire. Does it connect with the strap button screw or the one of the three screws on the tailpiece and is it relatively easy to replace? Besides answering my questions, any mod suggestions are welcome.
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