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  2. It's my understanding that the Epiphone Les Paul Special I P90 "worn cherry" is a red stain with a clear poly top coat in a matte finish. I have recently purchased one with a water decal of a rooster on the body . I assume the poly clear coat has protected the stain and wood and I will be able to coax the decal off with a warm water/vinegar cloth set upon it for a time. I presume it won't cause a white water stain. Any thoughts? I also hope to remove the rooster water decal and the "Special" logo on the black headstock.
  3. I want to drop in a pair of Gibson P90 dog ear pickups into my 2018 Epiphone Casino Coupe. I will adjust the heights with Lollar shims. Are they expected to fit?
  4. Beautiful! I sure like the black plastic pickup cover ascetic!
  5. Thank you, tweed2! Great info that I truly appreciate. I think I maybe should avoid all the hassle and just stick with my 2018 Casino P90 chrome dog ears. I think Epi would have switched to plastic covers if they sounded better... but their is that Beatles marketing thing, theirs were chrome in the 60's, so I am not sure... I am coming to the conclusion that the variance in P90 pickups is all pretty close and that it's more about the physics of the guitar, the strings, the amp, and the PL|A|Y|ER.
  6. Will a Les Paul Jr P90 black plastic dogear drop in to the holes of a 2018 Epi Casino ? I know black shims will be useful and anticipate tailoring those
  7. How do Gibson P-90s with plastic covers compare with Epiphone 2018 P90s with chrome covers?
  8. Jazz+


    Good info. Is a |Gibson Les Paul Jr P90 dogear an easy drop in fit on an Epiphone Casino along with some shims than can be sanded ?
  9. Jazz+


    Good info. Is a |Gibson Les Paul Jr P90 dogear an easy drop in fit on an Epiphone Casino?
  10. Jazz+

    P90 question

    Nice! I have a Casino. Why did you put a Rio Grand in your blond Casino neck? I want to replace my chrome covers with black plastic covers like yours.
  11. Do Gibson P90 dogear pickups made today have a close sound to that 125 dogear?
  12. How does one get those black plastic covers on Epi P90 pickups? asian covers and Lollar shims? : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/A-P...449.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.24c34c4dxuzYuO
  13. Jazz+


    Seeking more opinions on this subject... it was my understanding that they are all the same except for some "Hot" version in the 80's. Isn't the variance folks notice more about the guitar its mounted in???
  14. And are all the Gibson P90 pickups basically made to sound the same or did they vary them tonally for different guitars such as for a Les Paul Junior or for a hollow body jazz guitar? If I buy a used one do I consider what guitar model the P90 came from? I would love to put one in the neck position of my Epiphone Casino Coupe for traditional jazz. I wonder if it would be a "drop in fit" ... I don’t keep a pickguard on the guitar so that wouldn’t be an issue.
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