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  1. I would go for the new Epiphone Probuckers that are in the Sheraton Pro II. http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/2013/Take-the-Epiphone-ProBucker-Challenge.aspx Buy: http://store.epiphone.com/products/probucker-pickup-set/ Greets
  2. What don't you like about the pickups and why to rewire? The pickups are perfect for classic Rock/Blues. Greets Sounds real great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqceDmdUEc0
  3. My favourite Guitar. I have added a Duesenberg Les Trem II. This Trem ist great, smooth and keeps the tuning (even with new strings), a keeper. And very easy to install (5 minutes).
  4. The ProBuckers sound more open/lively and more brilliant in my opinion. They are sweet glassy and harmonically rich, bright but not shrill. They remind me of my old 1971 SG with T-Top Humbuckers. For me the Probuckers are the best Epiphone pickups ever made. Greets
  5. Strange, mine was absolutely flawless. I try to find something since i bought it, there's nothing to fault. Send it back, they should send you a new one. greets
  6. The only black/gold guitars that i like are the Sheraton and a Les Paul Custom.
  7. Hi, i'm new to this forum and like to say hello from Germany. Here my new Sheraton II Pro. I had two Korea made Sheratons some years ago but this Pro Version is absolutely excellent. Great pickups (Probucker 2 & 3) and a perfect quality (frets, neck, finish, binding etc.). IMO much better than the old korean Sheratons although made in China. The chinese quality has improved. Greets
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