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  1. thank you man! i ordered this PN and saddles from Graphtech too (PS-8000-00) :)
  2. cant post...

    cant send private msg....

    cant contact with mod-admin team.....

    i dont know what's happening!


  3. hello all im here looking some info about baretta special, which could be my backup guitar (i think is nice by the price) i always was a Ibanez and BCrich user, but i hope this will be a nice way!
  4. hello

    i saw your post about baretta. Please could you tell me which Graphtech Nut do you used to replace stock one? i cant find correct partnumber.... thanks!

  5. hello men please, one question what part do you used to replace nut? im looking for a graphtech but i dont know which will be the correct one! thanks
  6. darivo

    Kramer Baretta Special

    Hello one question, could you give me the part numberof the nut that you installed please? thanks in advance
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