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  1. Found this guitar on Ebay this morning, just thought I'd share with you guys. See pic #4 especially... Binding from neck to headstock is wrong and shoddy to say the least. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gibson-Custom-Les-Paul-Electric-Guitar-/121134401316?pt=AU_Musical_Instruments_Instruments&hash=item1c342c4724
  2. Here's another pic of my 2013 & 2008 Standards..
  3. On the day I picked up this guitar, I had all intentions or grabbing a Traditional, Standard or a Classic Custom. Hoping for a Gold Top, Desert Burst or Honey Burst, that appealed to me. The store had no CC's, so I tried out a bunch of Trads & Standards, maybe 12 all up. The one that spoke to me most, was obviously the 2013 Standard Honey Burst.. I just clicked with this guitar, Feel, Sound & looks were perfect for me. Same thing happened when I picked up a 2008 Standard, I tried many guitars, and went home with the one that was most comfortable to me. People also bag the 2008 Standard, I don't really care... I love that guitar as well... Reading a review about anything online, is just someone else's opinion. The only way you'll find the guitar for you, is playing as many as you can. No forum comment or review should ever determine or influence what feels right in your hands. If you're buying over the internet, that's a different story, which I personally couldn't do. Cheers all..
  4. This looks pretty interesting.. But I'm pretty set on getting a Presonus Firestudio interface. Thanks for the info & link though Bence.
  5. No problems with tuning. Where did you get this information? Can't see how it be would specific to only one particular model.
  6. Thanks guys... & Aymara regarding audio interfaces. Here she is:
  7. In this case you'd probably have to replace every removable part.. don't waste your money mate!
  8. You're asking for trouble going down this road. You'll end with a guitar that plays & sounds like a dog.. That won't be worth the postage it cost you to buy it, if you ever tried to sell it.
  9. Get an Epiphone until you can afford a Gibson. Why would you want to buy a fake piece of crap? Send the armed government agents into this factory already!!!
  10. I agree all Les Paul's should come with a pickguard... This is what the store had to say about it. " You’re right that the Gibson website does indeed mention a pickguard for the LP STD 2013, however. I have checked all the cases we have here in the store for Gibson 2013 Standard Lespauls and none of them have pickguards in the cases. We leave all accessories that come with guitars in the hardcases, so it is very unlikely that if it did come with the guitar that it was removed from the case. So this leads me to believe that it is a mistake on the Gibson website. I’ve just attempted to get in contact with the Australian supplier for Gibson to confirm this but wasn’t able to get a hold of them. I will try them again on Monday to get this confirmed. "
  11. An interesting turn of events... This afternoon i plugged the guitar into my 'AMP' and everything is working fine. Plugged it back into the Computer via GuitarRig, which is where i discovered the problems.. and it's still the same as originally stated. The PC is high spec, through KRK studio monitors, The weak link in the chain here is a creative X-Fi soundcard with connection bay. Could it be some type of earthing problem connecting this way? It should also be noted that the KRK's are running 'unbalanced' due to the soundcard. Will be looking into an external DAC such as presonus firestudio i think. So as it turns out its not actually a problem with the guitar, but the PC based setup. Regardless of this im curious as to why it would eliminate coiltap & volume control to behave this way. Anyway... The guitar is good to go and love it even more now :D Just leaves me with one decision... Pickguard or no pickguard haha! Cheers...
  12. Picked up a 2013 Standard Honey Burst today, and have a couple of concerns... 1. No pickguard supplied... Is this normal? 2. Coil tapping for splitting pickups doesn't seem to work. (Out of phase & bypass are ok) 3. Volume control only kicks in around 7 up. I've notified the store, but can't get back there for a couple of days. All other aspects of the guitar itself 'Looks & feel' are spot on. I fear having to swap it for another or have to wait for repairs. Anyone else having any of these problems? Cheers...
  13. Regarding the "Peter Green Mod' videos... Playing small segments of the same parts for A/B comparisons I think it actually sounded better stock! The tone to me sounds fuller & warmer than the modded outcome.
  14. Had a Silver showcase edition many years ago, but unfortunately was stolen :(
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