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  2. After quite a bit of research, I pulled the trigger. I always wanted an affordable “Les Paul” but only could find single-cut guitars with “modern” necks. Coming from classical guitar, I really find wide/fat necks way more ergonomic. Having done way too much internet research, I really was worried about getting a lemon, but I am VERY pleasantly surprised with the guitar overall. The only flaw I can see is in the binding where the cutaway body meets the neck. Otherwise the guitar is surpisingly loud and resonant unplugged, very low action without any buzz, better than expected pickups, ideal (for me) satin finish, excellent tuners and tuning stability. I was expecting to have to make upgrades but I plan on leaving this one unmodified. It is quite heavy (which I prefer) but the neck wants to dive a bit (which is not so good) but I can live with that. I don’t think this Epiphone model gets the attention it deserves. https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0igu3HR8c6aW4dmmcHPhNeEvQ#559B570D-8D63-40B7-BCB7-A1A239A57F25.jpeg Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro II - Desert Burst
  3. Thanks for the confirmation, this helped me decide. I really do wish Epiphone's site was maintained with more care - it confused me a great deal. For me the neck is the most important spec for any guitar.
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