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  1. got some new songs on metube... youtube!

  2. ah! the gm guitar. just don't grow it near my crops. and after it's been flamed grilled on stage you can eat it. extra spicy cow hide.:-s/
  3. i'll leave composite till we know it's safe. i bet someone somewhere made an asbestos guitar.
  4. maybe but purists will only dig wood. dad and son in music shop... "that guitar sounds great dad." "in my day it was mdf and cardboard son the real stuff. with real tone!"
  5. alder has a different tonality. i wouldn't expect it on a gib or epi even if it has been used in the past...
  6. i had a fake made of mdf. it was maple colour. i got it off ebay. mahogany is a red brown wood.
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