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  1. Greetings from the snowy Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. My name is Steve, and I'm in a hack local band in our rural mountain county. I say hack because we're not pros by any stretch, lol. But it sure is a lot of fun. Anyway, I never thought I'd own a Gibson. A bit out of my budget, I'm afraid. I do have a pretty sweet early '60s Teisco EP-7 (335 knockoff) in a cool green sunburst. But, it's not a Gibson. A few months ago, the wife and I were out thift store shopping. While she was hitting up the fabric section, I wandered around and found that they had put out a musical instrument display. Lo, and behold, buried under cheap Mexican beginner guitars, discarded drum kit parts, an overpriced Starcaster, and a clarinet I considered buying (not that I play the clarinet), I made the find of a lifetime (for me, at least). I'm no expert, but when I saw the headstock logo, I knew I had something special. It had a broken bridge, the tuner knobs were all but gone, it looked like it might need a neck reset (it did), a crack in the back had been repaired at some point...hmmm, how much...$250!?! From there to the checkout counter, I gripped that guitar tight to my body and made sure no one got near me, lol. Once I got home, a bit of research revealed my find; a 1946/47 J-45. Took it straightaway to my guys at Nicholson's Music in Folsom, CA, who did a fantastic job bringing this old gal back to life. It is now a beautiful player, and has inspired me to really concentrate on my finger picking. Just wanted to share. Cheers!
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