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  1. Good morning! Has anyone ever ordered a custom 335 from Gibson? Trying to figure out the average cost of one as I am looking to order one for my grandfather which he lost to a pawn shop in the 70s. His was a 1960 in Argentine Grey with a sideways vibrola. Thanks!
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  3. Hi everyone. I'm new here.. I've been playing guitar for about 9 months now and my grandpa has for 65+ years. He's always talked about his vintage 1961 Dot ES-335 Sunburst with a sideways Vibrola he bought new at Hauers music in Dayton Ohio in 1962. He misses the guitar a whole lot, me playing for 9 months I want to find who has the guitar very badly. In the early 1970s he had to pawn it to pay some bills, he paid for about a year and he missed the last payment by a week. He begged for them to tell him who bought it, all they could say was someone from Michigan bought it. He pawned it at Ohio Loan in Dayton Ohio. It has a nik in the neck when it meets the headstock, and it had a neck on it that everyone wanted. People begged him to let them buy it but he always said no, it was his best and most prised Guitar he has ever owned, now I'm on the hunt for it. If anyone has any information on it please let me know. Here's a picture of him with his band in the 1960s. He's also 76 and going strong, still gigs and plays also! Thanks, Liam
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