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  1. Thanks for the recommendation to check with Seymour Duncan. And yes, it the metal piece just sits there and doesn't do anything... shielding... hmmm, that could be it. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks. Here are a couple photos that show what I think is a n extra metallic cylinder in the switch cavity. In one picture it has been pulled out a little bit so that you can see it better.
  3. I recently purchase an ebony 1980 Les Paul Custom with gold hardware. I have some questions about it. The guitar has Seymour Duncan’s installed (JB bridge, /’59 neck) but the seller also provided the original T Top humbuckers. However, at some point in its life, someone removed the gold colored covers from the T Tops. I would like to reinstall the T Tops but with covers. I’ve found a few people selling older covers on Reverb but at fairly ridiculous prices (in my opinion, of course), and I have thought about buying some new covers and ageing them. First question: will the gold humbu
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  5. If a Laney Supergroup amp, Rangemaster treble booster, and chopping off the tips of your fingers is too much trouble, there is always the Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra overdrive pedal:
  6. Does anyone know what humbuckers are on the humbucker version of the 2018 BFG? The Gibson website just reads "open coil humbucker" and doesn't say which Gibson humbucker it is. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. Yes, given the case's dimensions, I suspect it is quite heavy.
  8. Hello, I have a 2016 Explorer Traditional. It came with a gig bad and I would like to have a hard shell case. SKB makes one that I can purchase from the usual retailers but I'd rather have a Gibson case. Some Explorers come from Gibson with a hard shell case that has a form fitting body cut out, which is the type of case I want. I assume these are made by TKL like the other Gibson hard cases but on TKL's website, the case listed for Explorers does not have the body cut out in the form of the Explorer body. I have found a used Gibson case for sale. The case is advertised as being f
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