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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

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  2. I have a stripped 1981 Flying V bass. I saved the headstock face from paint stripping back then. But there was some bubbling from the paint stripper. I am not sure if I can save the original Gibson logo. I might try taping over it and then sanding, then painting around it. My question is about headstock decals. How would one obtain one from Gibson? I remember way back before the internet, home printings, etc., you could go to an authorized repair place, and have them verify it's a legit instrument. Then they would contact the manufacture to obtain a official decal, for a small fee. Has anyone gone that route? Is it still applicable? I would just like to have an authentic decal from Gibson for this restoration. I have sources where I can get decals. Shoot, they are easy to find on the WWW nowadays. I thought I would ask here, before I go to their customer service via email or telephone. I plan on painting it myself. Not sure what color. The Flying V bass came in black, classic white, translucent blue, and silverburst. I've been painting my own guitars/basses for 11 years now. I'll need pickups, new tuners, and a new pickguard. All easily obtainable, albeit aftermarket. I'll post the progress/results here. Pretty cool bass. I played one, Silverburst, last Dec 2018 at the Guitar Center in Hollywood, CA. That experience rekindled the flames of me wanting to restore this after almost 27 years!
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