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  1. Would you consider used? I have 2 ancient Atlas stands, one a boom -- both solid and well-balanced. Found one on *bay, the other at Goodwill... Just a thought..
  2. Thank-you! A fave PR shot. BTW, its an AJ.
  3. Welcome back Karen! Missed you... All the best dealing with the Lyme...
  4. Wow -- I go on the road for ten days and come back to this? I love my AJ and my B15 - I love hearing new music and finding new artistry -- I am grateful when folks here share their experiences and expertise, and I try to contribute where I think it might be helpful. Very disheartening.
  5. My favourites this month: Song for a Winter's Night - Gordon Lightfoot (written during a thunderstorm in Cleveland...) Rolling in the Deep - Adele (yes, not originally acoustic, but to me it screams for palm mute and stompboard) and my own travis arrangement of Long Black Veil (someday I'll get the nerve to record it and post)
  6. Hey OWF -- you're bang on re the coaxing req'd with small-body, in my experience (my '67 B-15) -- and the delight in the subtleties found in a "cannon" as well (my AJ). The AJ cuts through in a jam like crazy when I ask her to, but takes me to rapture when fingerpicking solo. And I do love your posts...
  7. Having a guitar that far exceeds my playing level inspires me to strive harder, so as to become worthy of it.
  8. Two thumbs up for the Genz Benz Shenandoah...
  9. I chose that as the closing song for my first post-band-breakup solo gig. A very special simple song that just seems to pull the emotions up and out. Would love to see more folks take it on!
  10. "Anne S. wrote: And a song I was writing is left undone I don't know why I spend my time-- writing songs I can't believe, with words that tear and strain to rhyme." That's Kathy's Song, written by Paul Simon in 1965 I believe, the year I got my first guitar. Lovely to cover... This one has lots of change-up cover possibilities: "We turn the wheel and break the chain Put steel to steel and laugh at pain"
  11. Thanks TommyK -- I checked out Frets for this awhile back but will revisit...
  12. I have one too -- but it is unplayable as the neck is loose. You can actually wiggle it to and fro relative to the body! Anybody know a site where web images of the neck assembly could be viewed? I'm pretty handy and would like to try resetting and stabilizing it myself. Not sure whether it would be worth taking it to a pro for a proper neck reset... Thx in advance....
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