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  1. Good to see you all, yeah It was Saturn.
  2. Just popped in to say Hi, it's been a while ;-)
  3. KICKASS!!!! Thanks guys, yeah me and his wife Karen are going shopping, That axe that Sellen posted looks SUPERB man !!!!!! *Edit,,, yup, THAT is the feller, contacted. Guys thank you SO SO much ;-)
  4. Right, firstly, I apologise for not being around for a while. But yeah, I need help. Al Atkins, the founder of Judas Priest who is my best friend, is 65 in october. I found out somthing. He has DREAMT of owning a Les Paul all his life. We have a fund of 1000gbp. Now, I have no idea what model to go for, however I do know Al well, no scratch plate, nice wood and kickass pups. Can sombody suggest somthing? Personally I would go for a Zack Wyle but hmm ok open to suggestions.
  5. Hmmmmm ED ROMAN. I have not heard that name in a while. One of the worst types of luthier. Nooo he did not rip Gibson off, he rippped EVERYONE off, including my endorser who nearly twatted him at NAMM 08. HOWEVER, when he died I was like,, hmm ok I do not want anyone to die man. He was certainly a character.
  6. Ah ok, so it attacks peer to peer? WELL NOW That is Different dude!!!!!!!!! Now I will CERTAINLY add this to my tutorial! Thank you ;-) Job done! http://www.chrisdude.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/dmca.htm
  7. Thank you, I am honoured. However, and I hate to say this, riaa is great, but beleive me when I say remote servers they cannot touch. The server owners are not responsible for uploaded content. Yup makes you angry huh? However, they still have to abide by international law, so all you do is tell them directly. Cheers Dave / Fred, people just do not realise how much this hurts. I will add this to my new tutorial.
  8. I seem to be at WAR a little. But it seems to be a war which I am winning? OK, probably all have downloaded music here which really you should not have. Peer to Peer is IMPOSSIBLE to stop. However, one thing I am certain of are these remote storage sites. Mediafire / Rapidshare etc. Nomatter WHERE these servers are they HAVE TO abide by what is called DMCA rules. I was shocked to find that it took me 3 minutes to find and download our new CD, including all artwork on a completely open server. This is blatent serving of copywrite material, so, what do you do? ALWAYS look at there terms and conditions on copywrite infringement. They HAVE to have one. usually dmca@website.com or abuse@website .com. Carfully read their abuse policy. Sometimes they require a simple email, sometimes they require a PDF document. I have taken the time to upload a PDF for you to look at as an example. dmca_mcs.pdf In my example it obviously shows the original artwork which only myself and Al Barrow has. You cannot produce a pdf? No problem, download and install "PDFcreator". It acts as a printer. Create your word document (or any program you wish) and click "File" > "Print" and choose printer "PDF Creator", you now have a PDF of your document. An example of the email I have used which is sometimes enough is as follows. Hello, My name is Chris Johnson, guitarist / producer and one third owner of the following link. I ask on behalf of the band that the following link please be removed from your website. http://www.mediafire.com/dieyouwanker I understand that you cannot be made responsible for all uploaded content, however I request immediate removal of this link please. Our record company(Z-Records) and legal team have been informed, I also request the uploader to be dealt with in accordance with your terms and conditions. Chris Johnson Guitarist and Public Relations for Holy Rage Remember, and this will make you feel all fuzzy. ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS add to whichever document you use "I also request the uploader to be dealt with in accordance with your terms and conditions." Also you must add your name and address, You may be ignored otherwise. It works! Just one very last thing, I know this sounds a little silly, but if you find a link to your music on a forum FOLLOW the link, the forum is not the host, a remote server is and it is the remote server that needs to be targeted. I sincerely hope this helps a few of you. If this can be made a Sticky somewhere on this site then please do it to help fellow musicians.
  9. Yup It's true. One of my greatest hero's is gone. I just got off the phone to Al, he is mailing Phil's mom who is a wonderful woman. By the way, a little fact for you guys. Phil was actually born in West Bromwich just around the corner from where Al has lived for the last 30 years. A statue is aparently planned. This is going to be huge and very sad news tomorrow.
  10. That link is the ONLY ONE Reporting it. I can find no other evidence. If true, I lost one of my hero's today. :(
  11. Congratulations to GARTH JOHNSON (no relation) of Ontario Canada!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kOI8rnggdg
  12. Yup confirmed, still plenty of time to enter, the draw will be done I think 10 mins before midnight 31st December 2010 ;-) By the way, I knocked that page up really quickly, if you scroll down you will see it's not just for a HR cd, the prizes are :- Holy Rage new CD. Holy Rage T Al Atkins solo CD plus 2 bonus Holy Rage Tracks (including one solo from Bernie Torme ;-) A VERY COOL Demon Deceiver T As I stated, this will not cost a PENNY to enter, just click the link and throw me a mail. SIMPLE.
  13. Can't win if you dont click the link n mail me dudes. 400 plus in an hour. Somone is gonna get a call from me at MIDNIGHT new years. If you wish Al or I to sign, it shall be done. YES I WILL BE DRUNK!
  14. YES I AM FEELING VERY Christmasy, so Just click the link, easy. http://www.chrisdude.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/comp.htm Kinda cool huh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6C0nsS94SE
  15. To get a little better n get back to the freakin band. Chanman bro, I am honoured, just to let you know the record company renamed the album to a self titled one (stupid move). So it's called Holy Rage.
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