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  1. I think the right neck shape is dependent on the style of music/playing. I find the wider fret boards make legato fast runs easier for me. However those bluesy fast repeating licks where you bend a string and rake the rest are a lot easier to play on a les wide fretboards. As for shape I have a DBZ Imperial with a V shape neck and that thing practically plays itself.
  2. Those SG HP are so tempting, I really like the 18 models that have no pickup rings. I love how clean the front looks. Buy this one of reverb for 1500 so I wont be tempted anymore!
  3. I actually prefer this one post fade. Both the PRS took on a denim quality and look kind of cool in my opinion. The lighting in that last one seems like it could have affected the photo. I've had my guitar almost two years now with noticeable changes, I wonder what PRS is doing to have such drastic changes. Or maybe these guys just smoke a pack a day or something.
  4. Way to go, I'm sure the SG will slay! I feel you about Gibson loading their guitars up with outdated Hardware. I guess some collectors are happy but I'm just a guy who plays guitar and wants something stylish yet functional.
  5. Well i guess the color didn't change too much
  6. Wow Rabs that is crazy for just a few years. It went from looking like a whale to looking like camouflage.
  7. I have one of them Flashy new Blue Les Paul Standards that seem to be a love it or hate it situation. I was wondering what it might look like way down the line. I know clear coats yellow with age so will my beautiful blue guitar eventually be Green? I tried investigating this question but finding old blue nitro guitars is not very easy (for me at least). The only thing I could find were the 1951 Century Lap Steel guitars. I'm curious if theres a history of Gibson Finishes somewhere? I found a little something about the original LP and then the Firebirds but nothing after that. Does anyone know when Gibson made the first Blue Les Paul? Anymore pictures relevant to this topic would be appreciated, thank you!
  8. Wedding/Birthday present actually, I got married two days after turning 30. I explained to my wife that I had wanted a Les Paul since i was 15, about to turn 30 that was Half my life! She knows how much I love guitar and her so how could she say no? Plus I was spending thousands of dollars on wedding and honeymoon stuff, I was due for my own reward. I saw it as part of me ascending to manhood. I had the girl and the Axe; I had reached my final form and I was ready to conquer the world Metaphorically.
  9. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am a fragile and tender woman who needs a strong and reliable, SEXsexual partner.

    My profilŠµ is herŠµ https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

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  10. Hello everyone I am Steve Bowman 31 years old from Arizona. My friends call me Goose and you all welcome to do the same. I bought a Les Paul standard as a wedding present to myself in May 2017, my first ever Gibson. Thanks for having me, Rock Guitars Forever!
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