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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am the frаgile and gentle wоmаn who needs a strong and reliаble partner in lifе.

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  2. Thank you all for your replies again, this forum is fantastic! @kidblast, thank you for your cheers, i think i finally found the guitar; as @rustystrings said, the guitar has volume and tone pots mounted up on the upper bass side shoulder, like the one Townes Van Zandt is playing in the photo he posted, so is not the barn door home made installation that i feared haha, instead i think it gives the guitar an interesting look couse there aren´t many j-200 with that volume and tone controls, i like it. @rustistrings thank you for sharing your knowledge :) you absolutely cleared all my dou
  3. Hello again and thank you everyone for your replies. @kidblast, the guitar is used, is an j-200 from the 90's, i have no doubt that the guitar is a legit gibson, the electronics as you said must have been added by a previous owner. My doubt was if when the seller says the guitar has "preamp to control volume and tone on the side of the guitar" this refers to a "barn door" installation like Buc McMaster said or could be something removable, i don't know much about guitar electronics and if this is possible, but when i receive the photos from him that doubt will be cleared. The other thi
  4. Hello to everyone! I´m new around, though i´be been reading the forum for a long time. I´m about to buy a J-200; i've allways wanted this acoustic, i have an Epi Ej-200 and i love it. The thing is that i´ve seen one to buy online that is the exact model that i want, (type of moustache, pickward, tuners, vintage sunburst...), the guitar is from the 90's, but there is one thing that makes me doubt, the seller says that it has a piezo installed and a preamp to control volume and tone on the side of the guitar. That´s the thing that makes me doubt (i asked the seller for photos of the pre
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