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  1. Too lazy to look it up but I think Beck was on the one song mentioned above while Page was on two tracks.
  2. Someone mentioned Rick Nielsen, I'll second that. I don't notice the Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarists mentioned much(Gary, Allen, Ed and Steve). I could be wrong on that though.. Jeff Healy is another IMO.
  3. I will admit to not being the most knowledgable when it comes to amp/speaker combos but will say I do like the Jensen Neo that is in my amp, granted its a 10" not a 12" but one or two guys I know with the 12's have had nothing but good to say about them also.
  4. I've seen Jeff a number of times now, always a great show. @ Damian, that would have been the 1989 tour with Jeff and SRV, at that time SRV should have been 2 or so years into his recovery from his Demons so I'd be thinking you unfortunately caught him on a bad night based on the few shows I have on tape from that tour.
  5. I have hung out there in the past. Like many other guitar forums you do get a bit of snobbery there. I went there asking questions about a couple different guitars, got some good info, got some stupid info. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess. I didn't care for how some guys would try and take over your for sale ad with misinformation or opinions about what its worth.
  6. I think the Sonex qualifies for the "odd" since it seems few like it and it didn't last long. Had a custom with the original Dirty Fingers, sold it to fund another guitar and brakes went out about 3 days later. Wish I didn't sell it as don't have either guitar now. A couple that others mention are the Blueshawks and Nighthawks, Les Paul Recording and Signatures, RD's... My local CL had a SG-1(or was it a SG-100, from 70's with one single coil) recently.. Here's a pic of my Sonex
  7. OK, the originals were Maple Neck and body, these reissues are Mahogany. Original had a 25.5" neck, reissue has 24.75". Original had two volume, two tone, reissue two volume one tone. I'd say instead of calling this a "Reissue" they should just be honest and call it what it is, the "new redesigned" RD Standard. Personally I like the look, just think if they call it a reissue it really should be one. I'm curious if Epi will be getting a version since my wallets too thin for the Gibson version right now.. Here's a couple pics I found of originals.. Here are the specs from the or
  8. Well the new Epi one seems more accurate then the '09 gibson as others have mentioned above. Here is a pic of a '93 gibson I found. Defintely thinking on saving the $$ fgor one when they come out
  9. I'm in between on my vote as I like limited editions, but if there is no way they will ship to the US doesn't help me then.. I like the Tak LP's, but you cant get them here not cool..
  10. Is it a set neck special or a bolt-on special II? If set neck defintely post pics..
  11. I had a Reverend Roundhouse and have two reverends(Slingshot and a Jetstream that are hum cancelling in the center postion. The Jetstream is a 390, so center pup is RW/RP, not sure how they made them hum cancelling on the other two. I wish I had known your mod when I had my Epi Les Paul Special DC with p90's, that thing hummed horribly(I think the pups were actually p100's, didn't keep it long enough to find out though). I know after market pickups are available RWRP for people that are planning pup changes..
  12. My understanding is that the only Les Paul with a Mahogany carved top is the Customs. Standards regardless of type should all be Maple Carved tops.(Hey, I could be wrong of course..just what I thought has been the norm..) Saw a real nice looking Walnut Les Paul at GC the other day, but I think that was a studio with a Walnut top(not a carved top though).
  13. Yes bought it, got him down to $360. Waiting for the wife to go to work as I forgot to mention the purchase to her..lol... so will be playing shortly.. Neck has a nice feel to it and the little I messed with it at the shop sounded good..
  14. I like how these semi's look with the metal covered p90's. Someone posted a pic of a cat with gold ones in a different post.. which brings up my wuestion, any difference in sound between the plastic covered p90's and the metal(chrome or gold) p90's?
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