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  1. I'm not asking about Pau Ferro itself. (dont mind the misspelling in the OP). I know what it is. I mean why does Epiphone use "quotes" when identifying it as "Pau Ferro" on the website with respect to the Casino (I dont see in the other models) instead of just Pau Ferro.
  2. I know about the Rosewood restrictions (which apparently may be going away) but a bit curious about Epiphone's use of "quotes" in the Casino Coupe description of the Pao Ferro fingerboard here http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Electrics/Archtop/Casino-Coupe.aspx Is it at least real Pao Ferro wood or is it some sort of plastic? SPECIFICATIONS Body Material Laminated Maple Body Size Reduced Sized Casino; Approx. 85% Size Top Material 5-ply Laminated Maple with Basswood bracing Neck Material Mahogany Neck Shape SlimTaper™; D-Profile Neck Joint Glued-In, Set Neck 18th Fret neck joint Scale Length 24.75" Fingerboard Material "Pau Ferro" with Pearloid "Parallelogram" inlays
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