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  1. Hey guys, looking for a sanity check... I played many hours every day - 20 years ago - then sold the rig when the kids came. My girlfriend just got me a Les Paul Studio Tribute (2019) for xmas. Referring only to the toggle switch in the middle position, I can't seem to blend the neck/bridge pickups in the way I remember it working. Have I gone mad or has some fundamental design been changed? Examples: with the upper volume knob all the way down and the lower volume knob all the way up makes no sound. with the upper volume knob at 50%, adjusting the lower volume knob does influence the sound. If someone can explain how to make the best of this the please do. Bonus for any technical details regarding any further wiring unforeseens. I'm simply getting back in and need to understand so I can make better selection decisions. PS: I've already seen the rants on YouTube regarding the PCB; I get what that must mean in cost-savings for Gibson. However, I just want to blend the pickups. Thanks in advance
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