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  1. Yeah, I assume it's not cheap, I just want an idea how much it would be to order a custom guitar or buy a model and make some modifications. Or if I wanted like one little change to a guitar (like double black coil pickups instead of zebra coils), if it would cost the same because it's the same model or a lot more because it's a custom order...
  2. Anybody have specs for it? I just thought of possibly trying to custom order it or something. The more the better.
  3. That's how I get close, but I always figured it was too harsh for something he would use...maybe it also lies in the amp EQ...
  4. Wow, how much does that usually run, though?
  5. ....you're cool because I used that picture of Pete Townshend in a presentation.
  6. Yeah, there was a heavy fuzz, but in the Studio version. I'm trying to get his live tone. (and I know it's not always HALF-cocked, but you know what I mean)
  7. Gibson Les Paul Sunburst Finish I don't know much about pickups, but probably Burstbucker 2 and 3, black exposed coils Bigsby Tailpiece A bridge that won't cut through the strings Green Tulip Tuners Trapezoid Inlays Coil Taps on both pickups (If I knew how phase inverting and series/parallel wiring of coils and pickups, I might include them) 1960 imprinted in the pickguard like the Les Paul Classic Chrome Hardware
  8. I've heard a few things about some classic rock artists using a half-cocked wah to get some of their tones. I've tried recreating some of this using a Dunlop Crybaby, but I've had little success. The tone I am most after is Led Zeppelin Live like this: I'm also interested in getting a tone like Boston. Does anybody have any tips for getting a half-cocked sound or getting these tones?
  9. Well, custom shop is more like more specified models or artist models. I mean like you can just hand pick everything about the guitar.
  10. I'm just curious, if you guys could build your own ideal Gibson Guitar, how would that go? What would it look like? What electronics would it have? What hardware?
  11. Sometimes I think there's just too many Les Paul models out there. I know it used to be Standard or Custom. Obviously there would be more today, because of technological advances and the desire to capture classic tones. I think with all the Les Paul models out there, there should just be "Build Your Own Les Paul."
  12. These are mostly Gibson USA models, but I included a couple of custom shop production models
  13. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Les-Paul--Classic-Faded-Electric-Guitar-430969-i1545459.gc I believe this is the model. Sadly, there's no sunburst or 1960 logo in the pickguard, but it's got the ceramic pickups and the unwound pickups.
  14. I played classic rock on it and it wasn't too much. On the other hand, the amp was 100-watts and turned down low.
  15. Does anybody remember the Les Paul Classic? It had 496R and 500T pickups and a little "1960" embedded in the pickguard. The first time I was at Guitar Center, I tried this out, and another time, I tried it through a Marshall JVM410 and it was completely kickass. There were three at this Guitar Center, a black, a goldtop, and a sunburst. Now they're all gone and I don't think they are made anymore. I wonder if Gibson would ever consider making them again...
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