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  1. Thank you very much for your input mate. Very appreciated. You certainly know your stuff and I am very grateful.
  2. Thank you! I shall post serial number when at home. A Luthier once said it was a 57 and I thought it was a 66. Is that possible?
  3. Thank you! She is sweet! Forgot to mention the Johnny Smith Pickup fitted in Kalamazoo factory in the 60's. Sounds beautiful
  4. Hi everyone hope you are all well. New to all this. Been playing Guitar since I was 5 39 years ago! Have many guitars. Here are my 2 Gibsons. I will send more info as I need to I was told this is a 57 12 String. It was owned by Tim Hart from Steeleye Span once but have no written proof.... Could anyone tell me what the model is and maybe what it is worth? Owned it for over 20 years and never sell My latest baby. Bought this week. A 1939 Gibson L5. Cannot see Serial Number , in them days were they written in pencil? I trust the seller implicitly. I have known him and been friends for 30 years. It is nearly immaculate. Both guitars have original cases. Any information out there that could be useful please and again possible worth? Interest only as have no interest to sell. I am going to gig them and record with them then pass them on in my older years!!
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