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Epiphone Tribute Plus Made in Japan?


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Hi all, just wondering if any of you have some insight into this. I just received my Epiphone LP Tribute Plus, and on the back of the neck a sticker attached to it said "handcrafted in China". However, when I checked the serial number it says made in Japan (on Guitar Data project) The serial number is F317615. Thoughts? The Epi tribute plus is pictured below, its the guitar to the right (as you view it). So...it says the instrument was made at Fuji-gen plant, Japan in 2003...odd? Thanks...


post-13086-056960200 1370142813_thumb.jpg

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I have a Tribute plus. I printed out a sheet that I can not recall where I found it. But this might help. There are 11 numbers on your serial number. The first two are the year, second two, the month next two the factory - if it is a 15, it was made at the Qingdao (China) electric factory, the last five are the production number. For Example,

12091501278. 12 - 2012, 09 - 9th. month, 15 - Qingdao, 01278 - production # 1278. If the factory number is 20 then it could be DaeWon or Unsung (China) a 21 - is either Unsung or Korea which I doubt. Hope this helps.

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