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power transformer skylark GA-5T


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The power transformer on my skylark is toast, sizzling and extremely hot. Does anyone know of the replacement part number for that model.


It has only loudness and tremolo knobs on front. I think the transformer is a "TF-5A-P". Can anyone recommend a company that makes one for the skylark? Also,


I just need to confirm that the replacement electrolyte filter caps are, 22MFD @ 450volts

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You could have TRS in Maine, rewind the original for you.




It's not cheap, but you will now how have an updated (they will rewind the primary to 120V as opposed to 110/115V) perfect fitting transformer.


The original part is a 250-0-250 HV secondary, with a 6.3V heater winding if you would rather hunt around.


22uf 450V capacitors are the appropriate modern replacement.


B+ in that amp is 240/250V so 450V is a sufficient safety margin.

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